A custom fitted mouthguard is the best method to help protect the teeth of you or your families throughout sport and an active lifestyle. Store bought mouthguards or ‘boil and bite’ ones can only offer a limited level of protection compared to custom fitted ones and in some cases can lead to a false sense of security while offering very little protection. The benefits of custom fitted mouthguards include,

  • Through their custom form fit, they offer the maximum level of protection by distributing forces evenly when there is a blow to the jaw area.
  • Specifically tailored to suit the individual shape and contours of your mouth, allowing for irregularities. They can also be adapted to allow for the eruption of teeth if you are a teenager or younger.
  • Their custom fit ensures that all teeth are protected.
  • Their snug fit in the mouth enhances your breathing and communication abilities
  • A range of levels of protection and design for each category of sport and age group from junior right up to professional level.
  • Available in a range of colours to suit most Australian sporting teams
  • They also include your name and telephone number if you like so that they are easily identified and returned if lost.
  • They are covered under most private health insurance schemes.

Other Varieties of Mouthguards

Are often loose and can only provide limited protection by not fitting intimately. They do not distribute the forces well and can actually direct the forces only on to one area and make the injury worse.

  • Only generic sizes and shapes available which can mean they are loose and uncomfortable.
  • Their shape often fails to provide any coverage and protection to the back teeth as they don’t extend back far enough.
  • Poor fit often impedes on breathing and speaking abilities.
  • Unable to be used when orthodontic treatment is being carried out.

Having seen many sporting injuries from hockey, basketball, rugby, football, tennis and cricket, I feel it is extremely important to invest in a custom fitted mouthguard. Once an injury occurs there is now a lifetime commitment to maintenance and repair of the site. Often the injuries are severe and ultimate loss of the tooth/teeth at a young age is the ultimate outcome, it is so much better to prevent than repair. Contact our friendly team on 99083466 to arrange a fitting.

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