Need a painless dentist in Sydney? Call MDT Dental

We have many ways to make your visit as pain free as possible. Using relaxation techniques, nitrous oxide (happy gas), Penthrox, sleep dentistry on-site with an anaesthetist or general anaesthetic in a hospital setting. All these options make your appointments a pleasant and non-stressful time. We are all caring individuals who realise that dentistry can be overwhelmingly frightening experience for some people. We are all well trained in techniques to reassure and help you through your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide/ Happy Gas

At Mdt dental we have access to this wonderful safe relaxant in each surgery. Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as happy or laughing gas is a colourless, non-flammable gas that has a slightly sweet taste and odour. It has a fantastic relaxing effect which can make you feel light, floaty and less concerned about what is happening around you. It also reduces pain, shortens time perception and has a slight amnesic effect. The amount of nitrous oxide that you receive is carefully adjusted until you are in a happy place. It is safe to use on both adults and children and provides a relaxing effect when inhaling it for the duration of the dental treatment. Its effects stop, and the patient regains full function within only a few minutes after stopping the inhalation and receiving 5 minutes of pure oxygen to flush it out of your system.

Our patients that use happy gas look forward to their painless dentist appointments as a time of relaxation and pleasure.


Patients can also be offered Penthrox inhalers for self-medicated, rapid pain relief. These easy to use inhalers give you, the patient, full control over pain relief.

This service can be provided for a hourly fee. Please advise your dentist in advance if this may be required.

Sleep Dentistry

If not being aware of the dental treatment going on is a high priority for you then you may consider Sleep Dentistry (also called conscious sedation or Twilight Dentistry). This technique makes use of a fully qualified medical practitioner with accreditation for this procedure who monitors your safety and comfort while your dentist carries out your treatment. Sleep Dentistry uses a combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs which create a drowsy dream-like state for the duration of the procedure. Please feel free to contact us for further information about pain free pleasant dentistry in familiar surroundings with your own dentist or phone us 99083466 to make a short consultation where we can explain the procedure in more detail.

General Anaesthetic

For the ultimate in anxiety free dentistry a general anaesthetic is an option. Dr Jon Taratoris has visiting rights to Hunters Hill Private Hospital where your dentistry can be done without you having to be conscious for the procedure. This is usually a day stay procedure. The procedure is carried out with the assistance of a fully qualified anaesthetist and RN as well as your dentist and his assistant. Wisdom tooth removal, implant placement are common procedures carried out under general anaesthetic. A full consultation is required before treatment to make sure that you are suitable for this treatment.