TMJ Dysfunction: Occlusal splint therapy and jaw problems

Problems associated with the jaw joint can have many causes and different symptoms. To diagnose your problem requires a thorough history and an examination.

Jaw problems can cause some or all of the following symptoms

  • Headaches especially on waking
  • Wear on the edges of front teeth and biting surfaces of back teeth
  • Clicking, popping or crunching of the jaw joint
  • Tightness, spasm or locking of the muscles of the jaw
  • Neck and upper back problems
  • Pain and/or ringing in and around ear area

Symptoms can be severe or just slightly annoying. They are also often episodic and may come and go throughout your life. At Mdt dental during your initial examination signs of Jaw problems (CMD) are looked for and appropriate treatments prescribed.

Occlusal splints are often used to alleviate CMD symptoms but can also be used to protect teeth from night time stress grinding and to help diagnose a complicated jaw joint discrepancy. For further information about occlusal splints Please follow the following link.

The Nightly Grind