At Mdt dental we assess every new piece of technology that is produced and look at its benefits to our patients. There is an astounding amount of new equipment produced yearly and its value to our patients is our most important criteria for its utilisation within our surgery. We have state of the art equipment both in the surgeries and in our dedicated sterilising area. We received the highest accolades for our infection control protocols, equipment and standards.

Low Dose, Digital X-Rays

At Mdt dental we have been using low dose digital x-rays for over 15 years, & have always been at the forefront in use of this technology. They offer increased accuracy, efficiency and safety over their film predecessors. With this technology we can take an x-ray and view the results almost instantaneously. Moreover, these x-rays use 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays and there is no waiting for processing. The x-rays are repeatedly reproducible and of course there is no environmental impact due to the processing as there is with standard x-rays.

Intra Oral Camera

For those patients that like to know all the ins and outs of the nooks and crannies in their mouth, the intra-oral camera is the piece of equipment for you. The intra oral camera allows for both you and your dentist to go on a guided tour of your mouth. This is particularly useful for patient education as it lets you see what your dentist sees so that any problem areas can be explained while you watch, increasing your understand and awareness of your dental health. The small camera is contained in a small tube which is easily moved throughout the mouth, while screened live on the computer screen. We can also take snapshots of certain areas which form a permanent part of your records.

Cone Beam

Only a limited amount of dental surgeries have the resources & commitment to invest in this type of technology for their patients. The cone beam allows us to produce highly accurate 3D images of your jaws to give an exact representation of their current state. This is a huge asset to us in gaining a comprehensive understand of your oral health to assist in treatment planning and recommendations, particularly for surgical procedures such as wisdom tooth extraction or dental implants and orthodontics.

Using a low amount of radiation the cone beam is essentially a low dose CT scan and is suitable for patients of all ages. The results are instantaneous and can be viewed by our patients for added understanding of all dental procedures. The three dimensional view allows are patients to easily relate to the images as digital recreations of their teeth and jaws. Small slices and sections can be viewed to locate accurately structures within the tissues.

Sterilisation Bay

At MDT Dental we treat sterilisation and bacteria preventi to ensure the correct hygiene and cleanliness standards. We have two A class autoclaves, a thermal disinfector and all our assistants have had extra training to understand the importance of the sterilisation procedures. All of our reusable instruments are first meticulously cleaned and then sterilised to be in line with Austr on with the utmost importance and this is reflected throughout our practice. For this reason, we have a specially built sterilisation bay where all of our equipment is thoroughly sterilised alian Standards of control, ensuring your experience with us is hygienic and positive. We have received the highest accolades from the Australian dental Association for our high standard of care and sterilisation protocol.

We use daily tests to assess the efficacy of the sterilisation procedure and we also track and document the traffic of our instruments.