Tooth Whitening in Sydney at MDT Dental

Tooth whitening is a simple safe and effective way to re-juvenate your smile. It is permanent, and we have 15 years of experience in the efficacy of the result- making MDT one of the longest established Sydney teeth whitening practices. All staff have whitened our teeth at MDT Dental and would recommend it to most people as an easy way to improve your smile. The most common response heard after bleaching is, "I wish I had done it sooner”.

We offer teeth whitening in Cremorne, Mosman, the North Shore and beyond. Read ahead for more on the two different treatment options we offer.

Tooth bleaching: What works

Discoloured Teeth and Whitening

Can I make my teeth whiter?

Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening

ZOOM is an effective system in teeth whitening, representing a safe and effective system to provide an instant, brighter, whiter smile. Initially a clean and polish is required to prepare the teeth. Then over a 90 minute appointment your teeth are whitened by up to 8 shades (results can vary between patients). ZOOM in chair teeth whitening at our Neutral Bay premises is the ideal option for patients on the go or with a special event looming. This will usually include a set of trays for home bleaching.

Alternatively we can provide you with a home whitening set, which allows you to gradually whiten your teeth to a colour that suits you, in the comfort of your own home.

Both processes are effective and safe. With all bleaching an examination is necessary to determine

  • Which teeth will bleach and which will not
  • Any underlying problems which may interfere with the bleaching process
  • The suitability of your teeth to the different bleaching techniques

Home Bleaching Technique...

These instructions should be used with the additional instructions that you receive from your own dentist or from us. If there are any questions that arise during your bleaching please feel free to contact us so we can make sure your bleaching process is as successful as possible. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Any bleaching solution supplied from us must be used with the bleaching trays(stents). The solution is safe to swallow in small amounts but it is effective because it is held in close contact with the enamel which allows the bleach to penetrate effectively.

These are the steps to follow
Make sure that you have brushed your teeth and done your interdental cleaning, this allows the bleach to enter the teeth more readily.

Make sure that your bleaching trays are clean and free of water, they can be dried easil with a cotton bud. The solution we use is nice and thick so that it stays in the trays well and sticks onto the tooth surface.

Place the bleaching solution in the front face of each tooth space in the tray and also make sure that it is only placed in the front section of the tray, the bleach will always squirt backward when the trays are inserted in the mouth. Wipe away any excess solution with tissue or your finger.

Please use the amount that is suggested by your dentist as too little can result in incomplete bleaching and limit the bleaching to the tips of your teeth and too much means you will swallow a lot unnecessarily and waste a lot of solution. However use your common sense and if you are only bleaching a few teeth you will not need the full amount. Every tray is different and will require different amounts of bleach so use enough to give a little excess but not too much.

Once the bleaching trays are in place it is best to sit quietly and read or watch TV. If you are talking a lot it disturbs the bleach from the trays and can dilute the solution. Ideally the trays should be worn at night while sleeping as your saliva flow is reduced and the reduction in muscle action allows the bleach to penetrate undisturbed. Of course do not eat, drink or smoke. A minimum period of 2 hours undisturbed is required but in more resistant teeth more hours are required but in very young or porous teeth less time maybe required.

If you wake after three hours feel free to take the trays out as the majority of the bleaching process has occurred. It is a good idea to place them in a glass of water so the bleach does not dry in the tray. If you do not wake then this is also OK as the solution becomes neutral after 4 hours and will have no effect on your teeth.

The trays should be washed in cold water and should be brushed gently with your toothbrush to remove residual carrier gel. Do not use any hot items near your trays such as boiling water or heaters as the trays may deform. If you have animals please keep them away from the trays as they are usually a favourite to chew.

It is important to use the trays for consecutive nights as this allows the bleach to penetrate more effectively and will result in faster and better bleaching. Sometimes parts of your teeth will bleach faster than others and this can result in patchiness initially. This will generally disappear after continued bleaching, & particularly after bleaching is completed. The duration of bleaching should be discussed with your dentist, but is generally 1--2 weeks. Bleaching results in a very natural appearance because it follows the natural color variations within the tooth. Bleaching never looks monochromatic instead it looks natural and healthy.

Sensitivity can occur during bleaching and this is a result of the pores in the tooth being opened by the bleach. It has no permanent affect on the tooth. It can be reduced by using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth orGC mousse applied to the tooth surfaces. Please speak to us at Mdt dental if you are having sensitivity that is difficult to deal with and we will provide you with a solution.

Do not forget that as part of any bleaching process there is some dehydration of the teeth, which adds to the whitening of the teeth initially. Bleaching stents should be kept dry & safe, & it is quite reasonable to top up the whiteness of your teeth every 6--12 months by doing another week of bleaching, although this is usually not necessary. It is good to have a before and after photo as you very quickly get used to your new white teeth and you can forget the colour change that occurs.

You should remember that crowns tooth-coloured fillings, and veneers do not change colour with the bleaching process. This may not matter for back teeth but it is necessary to have your teeth checked by a dentist so that they can assess if some fillings may need to be changed after bleaching if there is a colour mismatch.

The Professional Whitening Process

  1. During your first visit, your dentist or hygienist will take models of your teeth. This allows us to make a custom gel-holding appliance called a whitening tray. This appointment should only take 10 minutes.
  2. At your second visit, you will be fitted with a take-home whitening tray to make sure it fits perfectly and is very comfortable. You will also be given specific instructions on how to administer the gel and how often to wear your tray. This appointment should take 15 minutes.
  3. Follow the take-home directions that are issued to you and listed on this website. It is important to continue to brush and floss throughout the bleaching procedure.

A Note of Assurance

Tooth whitening is an established procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide, the active whitening ingredients, have been used safely for many years in the treatment of gums and other oral soft tissue and this was in fact how their tooth bleaching abilities were discovered. It does not affect the quality of the enamel, make your teeth any more likely to decay or affect the surface of fillings already present. If you have any questions ,just ask us at Mdt dental.