Tooth Coloured Fillings

White fillings, also known as composite or tooth coloured restorations, are an effective way to restore teeth while maintaining a natural appearance. White filings create from a strong bond with the tooth to restore its original function, strength and durability. They also carry a significantly lower risk of fracturing the tooth than previously used amalgam fillings. Tooth coloured fillings can be placed directly in the one appointment or in particular situations porcelain fillings for added strength which are made using a two appointment process. When old amalgam (silver/mercury) fillings are removed we make sure that the amalgam particles are not swallowed by our patients with the use of rubber dam.

White fillings can be used to restore chipped, decayed, worn, broken, cracked teeth or to fill in gaps in between teeth. In the event a filling is required, the site will be assessed, any decay removed and then cleaned and sterilised in preparation for the application of the fillings. The filling is then expertly crafted, shaped and polished to accurately restore your tooth to its former shape and function.

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